Infantry Ammunitions


ROUND 40MM X 53 HEDP, M9219A2 HV:

Designed to penetrate at least 50mm of armor steel at zero angle of obliquity, the 40mm HEDP, M9219A2 HV is a dual- purpose round which finds its target to the most lethal proportions. The internal embossed body produces fragmentation while also containing a shaped charge with a copper liner to enhance armour penetration capability.

  • Minimum and maximum arming distances of 14m and 61m respectively
  • Maximum range of 2200m and effective range between 62m and 1500m
  • Rounds linked together by means of a disintegrating metal belt
  • Designed to be fired from 40mm high velocity automatic grenade launchers
  • Fitted with a point initiating base detonating (PIBD) mechanical time fuze and SD fuze


40MM X 46 LV HEDP:

The 40mm dual-purpose round consists of grenade with base fuze and splinter core, cartridge case and propellant assembly. Effective between 19m and 400m, the grenade has the capacity to penetrate through steel of up to 40mm. The design produces a high level of fragmentation from the splinter core with pre-fragmented steel balls.

  • Projectile body with rotating band for longer barrel-life and high accuracy
  • Fitted with impact fuze featuring pyrotechnic self-destruction function
  • Sealed in a rubber-coated ogive for reduced ricochets and increased functionality
  • Aluminium cartridge case with primer and propellant charge
  • High/low-pressure chamber system for unmatched target accuracy


Over the years, the movement at Burkan has gained significant traction in the area of ammunition manufacture. Armed with our share of industry and enterprise, we have consistently enthused our client base with ammunition solutions that outperform and outlast. Today, our ever-expanding product suite is broadly classified into:


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