Artillery Ammunitions



The primary role of the 155mm artillery system is to provide indirect fire support to friendly forces in the context of the battlefield space. The artillery system efficiently accomplishes its role by launching any of the selected series of approved shells, fuzed with the approved fuze to generate the required terminal effect from the ordnance.

The 155 mm Extended-Range Full-Bore (ERFB) High-Explosive (HE) projectile is a logical development of ballistic design exercises. The detonation of a 155 mm ERFB HE projectile filled with Composition B and manufactured using MIL standard steel will result in an average of 4,750 fragments. The South African 155 mm ERFB produces approximately 7,000 fragments with an individual mass larger than 0.5 g using a nominal payload of 8.71 

  • The body outline is marked by the use of four steel-bore riding nubs which are either machined at the same time as the rest of the projectile body or, more commonly, are welded to the outline using mild steel. These angled nubs are intended to match the average projectile rotation and provide support for launch stability
  • 155 mm ERFB produces approximately 7,000 fragments with an individual mass larger than 0.5 g using a nominal payload of 8.71 Boat-tail that is field interchangeable with a base bleed
  • Lifting plug instead of the fuze



An offshoot of Type M61, Bomb Mortar 60mm M0205A1 features a cast-bomb body filled with TNT and the V9 fuze. The mortar has been designed to be fired from any smooth bore 60mm mortar barrel with a pressure capacity of 55 MPa PMP. Primarily anti-personnel, the 60mm is effectively pressed into service against soft skinned vehicles.

  • V9 fuze is armed on set back and remains safe for 40m
  • Instantaneous detonation on impact with the target
  • Nearly 2,000 lethal fragments generated within a radius of 8m



Primarily the choice of artillery and infantry support missions, the 107mm multi barrel rocket launcher is an all-weather lethal weapon system. The extended range 107mm rockets feature distinctive airframe / aerodynamic design and reduced smoke composite propellant for up to 50% longer ranges than classical 107mm rockets.

  • Can be launched by towed, vehicle mounted or pod platforms
  • Propellant with reduced smoke
  • Effective fire power against personnel and lightly armored vehicles
  • Single use pod with 3x4 tubes
  • Range + 11 KM



The 122mm multi barrel rocket launcher is the port-of-call among artillery units. Its fire support mission is fulfilled by indirect/blind firing against area targets. The extended range 122mm rockets feature a distinctive airframe / aerodynamic design and reduced smoke via composite propellant to deliver 100% longer ranges than conventional 122mm rockets.

  • Suitable for all weather conditions, any time of the day
  • Additional functionality of extended range up to 100% longer
  • Effective lethality on area targets at ranges up to 40km
  • Increased tactical efficiency through computer controlled weapon systems


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