Air Force Ammunitions


MK 82 & 84:

The MK 80 series of bombs is a freefall, ballistic general purpose bomb that can be equipped with mechanical and electronic fuzes. Part of the MK 80 series, the low drag general purpose bombs are the preferred choice during majority of bombing operations where maximum blast and destruction effects are desired.

  • Relatively light body with approximately 45% explosive of the gross weight
  • Dropped in a free-fall with low/high drag fins or precision guidance kits
  • LDGP bombs are designed to be aerodynamically streamlined


Over the years, the movement at Burkan has gained significant traction in the area of ammunition manufacture. Armed with our share of industry and enterprise, we have consistently enthused our client base with ammunition solutions that outperform and outlast. Today, our ever-expanding product suite is broadly classified into:


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