CEO's Message

SaeedOn the path to keep pace with Abu Dhabi’s steady development and growth, Burkan aspire to become the world’s premier specialists in manufacturing and providing ammunition to secure the needs of the UAE Armed Forces and the region.

Burkan have always valued customer requirements thus applied the international standards, built a long-term strategic relationships and alliances worldwide, in order to acquire a high level of capability and competitive price. We have set goals to develop a national workforce capable of filling the professional and technical occupations in Burkan through the training offered to our employees.

Through the vision of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Tawazun have set an Emirtization strategy to help lead Burkan to begin building steps toward Emirtization through attracting, retaining and developing UAE nationals, making “Emirates production by Emirates’ hands” the motivation to such process. It is seeking to carry on the process of progress, growth and prosperity; making it the foundation to complete the process.

We strive to devote our human resources and technology to produce high-class products and services to contribute to the Nation Economy in implementation of Abu Dhabi’s vision.

Saeed Bin Khadim Al Mansouri


Over the years, the movement at Burkan has gained significant traction in the area of ammunition manufacture. Armed with our share of industry and enterprise, we have consistently enthused our client base with ammunition solutions that outperform and outlast. Today, our ever-expanding product suite is broadly classified into:


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